Digital dimensions: an intensive, hands-on workshop for the DH curious

Workshop, University of Queensland, 13–15 November 2012

Led by: Dr Tim Sherratt (@wragge)

So you’ve heard about the digital humanities, you might have even been playing around with a few tools, but now you want to go further. This workshop will help you explore the digital dimensions of your research project.

The aim of this intensive 3-day workshop is to help you find out how digital tools and technologies can expand or support your research in the humanities. The first day will introduce some basic topics such as: assembling your digital toolkit, establishing a web presence, using version control, understanding regular expressions, exploring texts, and running your own server.

It’ll then be up to you to decide upon a particular tool or technique that you want to apply to your own research project. For the rest of the workshop, I’ll guide you as you start building, hacking, analysing or deploying. Along the way we’ll stop and share our problems and inspirations. By the end you’ll have some hands-on experience and lots of possibilities to explore.


You’ll get the most out of this workshop if you bring along a laptop that you can install software on. I’ll be demonstrating a few tools and it will make it much easier if you can install them on your own computer to get some hands-on experience.

At a minimum, you’ll need:

We’ll also be using the following tools, you can install them now, or wait until the workshop:

It would be handy if you could also create user accounts at:

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